“Save money by booking a single act – not a band AND a DJ”

We have been on the customer side of booking live music and know how frustrating and expensive it can be… vague pricing, hidden costs, price hikes… yikes! We have a simple and open pricing structure based on covering our costs so we can focus on the reasons we are performing musicians – because we love bringing live music to people’s events and we strongly feel this should be affordable to everyone. Get in touch and see for yourself 🙂

“We don’t increase the price when we hear the ‘W’ word”

Our pricing is straight forward and remains the same no matter what event you are organising – whether it’s a wedding or an evening down the pub. We do need to ask a few simple questions to enable us to provide you with a price, so please let us know as much about your event as possible – where it is, start/finish times, how many live music sets you would like, whether you require the DJ service . The contact us page has a simple form you can fill out or please feel free to complete the following quote form to obtain an instant online quote:

“No Agency Booking Fees to pay”

Date Required


Postcode / Town (e.g. 'RG14' or 'Newbury' or 'Donnington')

Start Time

Finish Time

Acoustic sets 45 mins

DJ sets 1 hour each

Background music 1 hour each

Acoustic First Dance


  • If you are not completely sure of how many sets of each type you would like, please call or email us and we can step you through it.
  • Prices include setup – the first acoustic and dj sets include setup for each.
  • DJ sets include dance floor lighting and effects should you require this.
  • Prices include all travel, “within reason” 🙂
  • We will do our best to learn your first dance for you should you wish, and we will need to agree in advance that it is suitable for the acoustic duet setup.
  • All live, DJ and background sets tend to be between 45 minutes to 1hr
  • Background music requires minimal setup and is suitable for guest arrivals, drinks receptions, during meals etc. This is original tracks played through the DJ system.
  • If you would prefer to use your own musical device (iPhone, MP3 player etc) through the band PA system then the Background music rates apply – please add required number of sets to the quote form above. Please note that unless organised in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will have the appropriate device to mixing desk connections to hand.
  • All live acoustic, DJ and background music can be tailored to your event from our music collection. While we can take song requests on the day, to avoid disappointment, if you have any uncommon or specific requirements it is best that we make sure in advance that we have the music available – send us a list of artists or songs that you would like and we can let you know if we have it, if not available then we can arrange CD or MP3s or similar in advance.
  • If you have any other questions at all or any specific requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch.